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Network Services

Troubleshooting RAS with Device and PPP logs 1997-10-12
LDAP / Palm OS integration 2001-10-21
Ports Used For Active Directory Authentication and Resource Access 2003-01-01
Configuring Windows 2000 Telnet Service For Non-MS Clients 2003-04-19
Using Network Load Balancing With Terminal Services 2003-04-19
Importing Palm PDB files into SquirrelMail 2003-07-20
Installing and Configuring SnipSnap 2004-03-14
Configuring Vsftpd 2004-07-09
Windows Server Simple TCP/IP Services 2005-08-17
Configuring Root Access for SSH 2006-01-09
Determining 5 Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) Roles for Active Directory Domain Controller 2006-08-29
Removing the EXIFS Service 2007-10-15
Chef, Systems Center 2012, and Cloud 2012-08-21
Using Ntdsutil.exe to transfer or seize FSMO roles to a domain controller
If you have a domain controller crash on you, and need to transfer the FSMO roles, this document has the information you need, along with a description of the FSMO roles in active directory.
Terminal emulation software that lets you e-mail, FAX, or print, from your session. Other features as well, that seem rather extreme. Check it out.
If you are having problems with auto-created printers on Terminal Services, these folks have a very nice software package called Simplify Printing that can help. The software uses the local printer driver on the workstation to print, rather than the server's auto-created printer driver.
They claim to be able to safely turn an NT 4.0 standalone server into a domain controller.
Condusiv Technologies
Their Diskeeper product is a very slick utility for defragmenting NTFS partitions. The NT 4.0 product works well and has an easy installprocedure that does not require a reboot. Be very careful with the NT 3.51 product because it modifies the NT kernel and requires a reboot.
Linux Terminal Server Project
Diskless workstations that boot from a network server, all open source.
Seattle Lab
Seattle Lab does web-based business-to-business solutions for ISPs, portals, and enterprises.The have a mail server, List Server, web based email host, terminal serverand telnet server all for windows. There's also Millennium Office, a cool groupwaresuite.
OpenLDAP home page
OpenLDAP home page.
Cronos by Red Sword Corporation
There are many, many NT scheduler programs out there, but how many of them label themselves as freedomware: "That is, it is shareware except for political entities who are illegally occupying foreign countries."We kid you not. Is that freedomware? Well turn it up!!
OpenLDAP Intro to Directory Services
OpenLDAP Intro to Directory Services
SoftTreeTech 24x7 Scheduler
Not freedomware.  :(  Nevertheless, this is a most awesome scheduling program.   Nice GUI.   Many features.
YoLinux LDAP Tutorial
YoLinux LDAP Tutorial

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