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Information Grab Bag

RMS Painting Released GNU Style 2003-01-24
Free Windows Server 2003 Evaluation Kit Available 2003-04-30
Put Your Old Computer Cases to Good Use 2003-09-21
The Network Administrator (.com) 2003-10-06
Transform dot com Schwag Into Something Useful 2004-04-18
Virtualization Between the Platform and the Application With Java 2005-10-17
Click-Free Web App And Mouse Movement Fingerprinting 2005-11-12
HP and the Business Domain 2011-08-21
NetAdminTools in April 1998
Visit the WayBack Machine to see what this website looked like in 1998.
The Network Administrator
Check out The Network Administrator for some good reads. We have some strange stuff on NetAdminTools, but a full tab just called Conspiracy Theory. Very enjoyable. Just go there and realize that you aren't the only Monkey Life-Partner out there.
In the Beginning was the Command Line
A book by Neal Stephenson about the history of the computer
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
A book by Eric S. Raymond about the development style of Linux and related projects.
Technology And The Fast Food Nation
Read this article before you buy some prepackaged system that is void of nutrition, interest, and costs too much.
FAQ about the GNU GPL
From the... er.... gnu's mouth
Why the future doesn't need us
Bill Joy article from April 2000 discussing GNR (Genetics, Nanotechnology and Robotics). Required reading. Here is a lighter interview with Bill Joy about vi.
For a cross-platform newsletter/website with tips, advice, and a sense of humor, check out Lockergnome.
Network World Fusion
Nice Networking Rag.
A glorious collection of resources for NT and Windows 2000 administrators. They pride themselves on all info being three clicks away with minimal garbage clogging up the site. Refreshing.
Spans many areas of IT, from network administration to CIO.
Home of the NT FAQ.
Random mix of tips for NT.
The handy online dictionary of computer/IT terms.
SCO Unix Support Tips, Articles, Skills Tests
Mostly SCO, some Linux. Nice.
Fresh Meat
Here is where you can get the latest Linux software. Tons of new software posted daily.
"News for nerds, stuff that matters."
Unix Guru Universe
The single largest collection of Unix resources on the web. Featuring80 delicious flavors for your enjoyment. Their unix tip-of-the-day email isa great one to subscribe to.
Very nice tutorials on security, PHP, and more.
A methodology to create the most efficient, maintainable, recoverablesystems infrastructure imaginable. It is like a beautiful dream, in sharp contrast to my world which consists of dozens of machines drifting from their once pristine (and uniform) configurations into randomness and messy uniqueness. Why must I toil in confusion, frustration, and tedium? Because my infrastructure lacks discipline. Read this site for the mindset and the general methodology even if you don't think the unix-centric implementation applies to you.
TechTutorials provides computer reference tools including a searchable directory of tutorials, whitepapers, tips & tricks, FAQs, HOWTOs and other sources of free technical information.

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