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Generating a detailed hardware configuration report with NTHQ 1998-06-20
ST15150 Barracuda's, Tagged Command Queueing, and aic7xxx 2002-12-22
Use Fdutils and Mtools to Create 2MB Floppies 2003-01-21
Detailed Sparc Info w/ Openpromfs Module for Linux 2003-02-03
PC Weasel Shipping PCI Version 2003-05-10
VirtualCPU - 8048 Homebrew Simulation 2003-06-02
Toolbox Essentials - Memtest86 2003-06-17
Recycling PCs, and the E-Waste Problem 2004-03-28
Linux Kernel Support for the HE460A USB 2.0 PCI Expansion Card 2004-03-30
Adding Serial Support on the Fly to the Linux Kernel 2004-10-21
Transferring Data Between Two PCs via the Serial or Parallel Ports 2006-06-07
Connecting a Mac and a GNU/Linux Box with FireWire 2006-07-08
Converting Disk Images 2013-07-25
If you need to low-level format your disk drives, this app will do it. For some fun discussion about whether low-level-format is a misleading term or not, see this discussion. For some Solaris binaries, see Schilyutils on Blastwave.
SCSI Connectors and SCSI Cable information
Pictures and information about all kinds of various SCSI connectors.
Compaq Servers and Linux
Ooodles of information on running Linux and other OSs on Compaq (HP) servers. Much more here than simple hardware configuration. A little dated, but do check it out.
Null Modem
Lots of diagrams of various cables and plugs related to computers and networking.
Very nice collection of hardware reviews and forums.
Aspen System
High drool factor here. Quality Alpha or Intel based systems running Linux, serveral flavors of Unix, or NT. Like Dell, you build your configuration online, but there the resemblance ends! Beowulf clusters, sweet RAID systems, and nice workstations and servers.
Tom's Hardware and Performance Guide
Great site for reviewing the latest hardware.
Sharky Extreme
Oodles of good info about motherboards, CPUs, and Celeron Overclocking. Don't be doin' that on your servers, now, just your tricked out workstations at home, OK?
System Optimization Information
Check out the Survey of Mail Order and Internet Sales Companies! Lots of good information on this site.
Mini HowTo: Successful Serial Installation of Redhat 6.2 / i86
We've tested this with Red Hat 7.1.
RS232 Tutorial and diagrams
Detailed description of operation, pinouts, and interfaces associated with the RS-232 spec.

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