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MySQL installation and initial configuration 2001-08-12
Backing up and restoring MySQL databases 2001-08-12
Changing the root password on MySQL 2002-01-31
Using phpMyAdmin to Administer MySQL on Red Hat 8.0 2002-12-27
Using Perl With MySQL 2002-12-27
Free Database Tools for Linux - Part One: TOra 2003-05-22
Free Database Tools for Linux - Part Two: SQSH 2003-05-28
Copying Table Structures With MySQL 2003-06-24
Creating a Database With MySQL 2003-12-29
Importing Spreadsheets Into MySQL 2003-12-31
Getting phpMyAdmin to Work With Gentoo 2004-01-03
Adding Records to MySQL Databases With HTML/PHP 2004-01-03
Updating Records in MySQL Databases With HTML/PHP 2004-01-03
Deleting Records in MySQL Databases With HTML/PHP 2004-01-04
Creating Sorted Reports For MySQL Databases With HTML/PHP 2004-01-04
PostgreSQL Initial Install 2004-08-17
Using pgAdmin to Administer PostgreSQL 2004-09-24
Adding an Auto Increment Field with MySQL 2005-01-02
Backing Up All MySQL Databases 2005-07-10
Compiling MySQL 4.1 for Perl DBD Support 2005-07-29
Determining Your MDAC Version 2005-08-07
Installing the MySQL ODBC Client 2005-08-07
Configuring the MySQL ODBC Connector 2005-08-07
Showing All Grants With MySQL 2005-08-07
Removing Grants in MySQL 2005-08-07
Granting Access to Users With MySQL 2005-08-07
Inserting MySQL Records Via ODBC With Visual Basic .NET 2005-08-07
How to Capture Errors With PHP MySQL Queries 2005-10-29
Securing phpMyAdmin 2005-11-14
Listing Available MySQL Databases and Tables 2006-03-20
SQLite Autoincrement 2006-08-19
Dumping SQLite Table Structure 2006-08-26
Using MCJ to Practice SQL Commands - Part 1 - Initial Startup 2006-11-18
Using MCJ to Practice SQL Commands - Part 2 - Creating Some Records 2006-11-18
Using MCJ to Practice SQL Commands - Part 3 - Some Queries 2006-11-18
Importing a CSV file to a SQLite Database 2006-11-28
Setting MySQL System Variables on the Fly 2007-01-23
Updating Tables with SQL 2008-07-19
Practical PostgreSQL
Online version of O'Reilly book.
Yup. It's a SQL course. It's a domain name. It's a dessert topping *and* a domain name.
MySQL home page
MySQL home page

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