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NT Administration from the Command Line 1997-06-09
Services Subkey Entries 1997-06-12
Using the CACLS command 1997-06-19
Our Favorite NT Registry Entries 1997-07-12
Pstools freeware from Sysinternals 2002-01-03
Using Cygwin for Automated File Transfer 2002-01-20
Using VB to Create an Administration Console 2002-01-20
Using rasdial to automate RAS connections 2002-01-20
The Arusha Project 2002-06-12
Creating PDF Network Diagrams on Windows with Free Software 2002-08-15
Free Books 2002-08-30
Word Abbreviation With Vi 2003-04-05
Disabling Shutdown Reasoning on Windows Server 2003 2003-05-18
Creating a One Way External Trust Between Windows 2003 and NT (MMC) 2003-07-25
Pstree 2003-10-06
Setting Time Synchronization With Windows 2000 2003-11-03
Don't Wrap in the Middle of a Word, and Display Partial Paragraphs in Vim 2004-04-02
Using Strace to Determine What Files a Program Opens 2004-07-03
Changing the Default Crontab Editor 2005-02-04
One off Administration and Testing Scripts Using Vi 2005-07-19
Vim With Spell Checking 2005-08-19
Determining System Properties with Java 2005-10-19
IT is, true, but define with the Microsoft Operations Framework 2006-02-28
Installing an SSH Server on Windows 2003 - Part 1 2006-03-17
Installing an SSH Server on Windows 2003 - Part 2 2006-03-17
Installing an SSH Server on Windows 2003 - Part 3 2006-03-17
Network Auditing Using the Mountain Climbing Journal 2006-05-13
LiveJournal Systems Documentation Example 2006-06-29
Testing Daylight Savings Time on Microsoft Windows 2007-02-10
Using sar - Part 1 2007-02-11
Using sar - Part 2 2007-03-08
Hail Support 2007-04-08
Slipstreaming SP2 into Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Install Files 2007-06-06
In Case of Emergency... Yodel 2008-12-03
Imagine, Express, Observe, Improve, Converge 2009-11-21
Retrieving Group Membership for Active Directory from the Command Line 2013-02-22
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
If you lose your password to your Windows 2000, XP, NT, or Windows Server 2003 box, here is a utility that will recover it for you.
They have an admin tool, but even more interesting is their Windows 2000 migration tool.
TNT Intact Account Manager
Delegate account administration tasks to those who are worthy. Web-based, runs on IIS.
Somarsoft, Inc
DumpSec (formerly DumpACL) is one of the few products we've seen that provide share-levelpermissions reports. They made this product freeware. That Rocks!
Particularly good tool for dealing with user support issues.The price is pretty reasonable.
Very cool tool to create lots of users. Now has new tools to collect and report on network information. Some parts of this package are freeware.
ConfigSafe protects Windows-based PCs from crashes and configuration problems by tracking changes to a system's configuration over time.
Active+ Software
They make a very cool services applet that lets you stop/start multipleservices at once and shows dependencies. It also lets you select other computers and provides a services restart button. We like this tool, but be very careful with any server tool that tweaks or manages your services.
Lieberman and Associates
Their NT Service Account Manager package synchronizes service accounts. We've spent hours synchronizing various service accounts before when changing passwords throughout the enterprise.  Very nice.  They also have a product that lets you make global changes to your NT workstation user, group, rights, and policies and a new product that acts like a global user manager for multiple domains. Change all your domains quickly!
Compact, complete enterprise administrative console for NT.  It shows you every excruciating detail with an Outlook style interface.
A powerful web-based administration interface for Unix systems. Using Webmin you can configure DNS, Samba, NFS, localemote filesystems and more using your web browser.
PuTTY: A Free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client
PuTTY: A Free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client
Linux SNMP Network Management Tools
Linux SNMP Network Management Tools
The pdq homepage
Alternative printing system.
Windows GroupAdmin
Windows NT/2000 administration tool with support for Active Directory, auto creation of home directories with permissions set, group report generation, group copy / synchronization tool, LDAP directory search, and more.
Prism sells software to monitor event logs, turn EXE or BAT files into services, perform change tracking, and monitor SNMP devices.
WinTasks 4 Professional
Monitor and control running tasks on your server.
Linux eXtended Account Managing Software. Web based ISP administration tool.

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